Go For Growth inspires success

Our point of difference comes from a place of energy. We help leaders and teams tap into the creative mind. Our intention is clear – to leverage strengths, overcome issues and accelerate success: whatever success means in the moment.

On a practical level we:

  1. Coach teams and individual leaders to give their best performance, handle competing agendas and work through complicated business relationships.
  2. Mediate between competing parties to decide if, how and when to move towards a settlement or agreed next steps.
  3. Speak at conferences about negotiating when relationships matter and how to unleash the creative mind.

When you work with us, we help you clarify what you want in the context of what you really care about now and for the long-term. We pay particular attention to intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Our clients like that we combine our business and leadership experience with academic rigour and research. We will always give you a sense of us being right there by your side encouraging you to voice possibilities, reflect and decide what next.

NEWS: Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards are now available on the Go For Growth site.

If you are involved in a complex issue, or you simply want space to think about transition, personal or business development, Jeanette Cowley is a good person to contact.

Recent Clients

Recent Clients

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