Art is serious business: unleash the creative mind.

By Jeanette Cowley on May 24, 2021

ART IS SERIOUS BUSINESS: The arts and culture industry contributes well over £10 BILLION to the UK economy each year. Leaders looking for inspiration, ways to accelerate success and how to achieve more in collaboration with diverse teams will benefit from using art in business.

We know for example that leadership is in many respects about embracing creative ways to explore current issues and possibilities, establishing frameworks to capitalise on difference.

With that thought in mind, I have attached a short paper entitled: Developing business leadership through art and creativity.  Why not take a look then let your mind wander as you think about how to approach the future.

About The Author

Jeanette Cowley

Jeanette Cowley is all about helping clients voice possibilities, an avid singer and artist.

Jeanette is the CEO of Go For Growth. She is a London and Kent based mediator, team and executive coach who is often called on to moderate on-line events, speak about negotiation and personal presence. Jeanette has many years of commercial experience, culminating in the role of Group HR Director for a FTSE 100 business. She is a pioneer of using art in business to unleash the creative mind, accelerate success and deepen self-awareness.

Jeanette’s current research into how senior executives sustain momentum, builds on work she carried out at Henley Business School, uses with clients at London Business School, as well as to support private clients across many sectors. Jeanette is the creator of Voicing Possibilities Art-based Coaching Cards. These cards are used by meditators, coaches and consultants around the world to help clients and individuals decide if, how and when to move forward. Contact: