Go For Growth inspires success

Our point of difference comes from a place of energy. We help leaders and teams tap into the creative mind. Our intention is clear – to leverage strengths, overcome issues and accelerate success: whatever success means in the moment.

When you work with us, we help you clarify what you want in the context of what you really care about now and for the long-term. We pay particular attention to intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Our clients like that we combine our business and leadership experience with academic rigour and research. We will always give you a sense of us being right there by your side encouraging you to voice possibilities, reflect and decide what next.


Our expertise and service covers five main areas:

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

We focus on employment based mediation, investigate disputes, and can provide an independent view into the most difficult people issues. Our aim is to help individuals and businesses to resolve disputes confidentially without resorting to protracted Court action.

Coaching Individuals and Teams

We provide a sounding board for leaders. Whether working one to one or facilitating groups, we help and challenge clients to clarify what they really care about, which strengths they can rely on when times are tough and how to move forward. Our aim is to help each client understand their level of commitment and create the best route to success.

Retreats and Workshops

No one can run on empty. At Go For Growth we collaborate with fascinating people to design workshops and retreats that stimulate the creative mind, provide time to think, time to breathe, time to reflect and time to decide what might be possible now and over the longer-term.

Keynote Speaking

Our lead consultants all have particular specialisms. If you require a speaker or moderator to stimulate thoughts on negotiating when relationships matter, servant leadership, storytelling, career transitions or sustaining momentum for the long-term – Go For Growth can help.

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards

Our founding director has recently integrated 25 years of business experience with her abstract art and academic research – into how senior leaders sustain momentum – to produce Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards. This powerful resource is designed for coaches, supervisors, mediators and consultants to help clients accelerate success and personal satisfaction. The first edition of the VP Cards sold out. A second edition is now available on this site.

A Selection Of Our Clients


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