Using Art to Access the Creative Mind led by Jeanette Cowley

By Jeanette Cowley on March 6, 2020

Using Art to Access the Creative Mind: Voicing Possibilities
An interactive workshop led by Jeanette Cowley for Richmond Development / NLP Group.

Who should attend. This workshop will be of particular interest to coaches, mediators, supervisors and management consultants. Simply bring along your curiosity.

Date. 17th March 2020. Doors open from 6.30pm for networking and light refreshments. Session 7-9pm.

Host and Venue The Richmond Development/NLP group welcome visitors. All workshops are held at Vestry Hall, 21, Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SA.

Workshop details:

Why Art?
Art can provide a framework for the curious mind wanting to deepen self-awareness and consider if, when and how to move forward. The process of working with images can be enjoyable, challenging and build resilience.

Why Voicing Possibilities? My purpose is based on Voicing Possibilities. Part of this process uses visual imagery to help define and accelerate success and personal satisfaction.

Workshop Structure: In essence the session will include three stages –

  1. Background information: an exploration of images and the power of storytelling.
  2. Practical application: using Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards to explore questions and options.
  3. Next steps: deciding how to leverage learning from the workshop to accelerate success and satisfaction: whatever success means to you in the moment.

What are Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards?
Jeanette Cowley explains: ” The Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards we will be using at this workshop are created from my original abstract paintings. They are jargon-free and without instructions on the cards: nothing to obstruct the free-flowing creative mind. Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards have taken around 5 years to develop. They integrate my business experience, abstract art and academic research into how senior leaders sustain momentum and how images support the creative process. I love hearing how fellow professionals work with VP Coaching Cards: they transcend language, draw on the ‘slow movement’ and a cross section of behavioural science research. I’ve created the cards to help unleash the creative mind and deepen self-awareness.”

About The Author

Jeanette Cowley

Jeanette Cowley is all about helping clients voice possibilities, an avid singer and artist.

Jeanette is the CEO of Go For Growth. She is a London and Kent based mediator, team and executive coach who is often called on to moderate on-line events, speak about negotiation and personal presence. Jeanette has many years of commercial experience, culminating in the role of Group HR Director for a FTSE 100 business. She is a pioneer of using art in business to unleash the creative mind, accelerate success and deepen self-awareness.

Jeanette’s current research into how senior executives sustain momentum, builds on work she carried out at Henley Business School, uses with clients at London Business School, as well as to support private clients across many sectors. Jeanette is the creator of Voicing Possibilities Art-based Coaching Cards. These cards are used by meditators, coaches and consultants around the world to help clients and individuals decide if, how and when to move forward. Contact: