Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards: A powerful art-based resource to support client work.

By Jeanette Cowley on March 18, 2020

The first edition of Voicing Possibilities Art-based Coaching Cards, designed for use by coaches, mediators, supervisors and consultants, sold out just before lockdown. After creating a slightly larger version of the cards, ideal for both in person and on-line work, Jeanette Cowley decided to offer Voicing Possibilities Coaching cards on the Go For Growth site.

Jeanette Cowley explains: “Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards represent the integration of my career in business, abstract art and my academic research into how senior leaders sustain momentum. It has taken several years to get to this stage. Now, with your help, these cards can unleash the creative mind, deepen self-awareness and support clients as they decide when and how to move forward.”

Each box contains 50 original art-based coaching cards. You receive a series of complimentary case studies when you send an email confirming the cards arrived safely.  The case studies describe how to use the cards in a variety of situations including individual, group and supervision work as well as during mediation meetings.

There are 50 cards in each box and the cards come in two sizes: Original and Slightly Larger  70 x 28 mm (2.75 x 1.125 inches) and 80 x 50mm (3.15 x 1.96 inches). We went for two sizes because some of the pioneers of Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards said they would also like to work with slightly larger images. The Slightly Larger size are perfect for working on-line.

Both sizes have rounded corners and a glossy finish. They are portable, look good and the finish means the cards are more durable than a matt product.

Jeanette Cowley says: “I use both sizes of  VP Coaching Cards. I don’t use them everyday. However, I always have a pack with me just in case I realise a client might benefit from using the images to help them decide what is; what might be; if, how and when to move forward. I love listening to stories about how fellow professionals are using VP Coaching Cards. These stories help me to add to the growing catalogue of case studies which I make available to users. The information also helps me decide where to put my energy as I continue to research how art can help access the creative mind.”

Voicing Possibilities Coaching Cards are now available on the Go For Growth on-line shop

About The Author

Jeanette Cowley

Jeanette Cowley is all about helping clients voice possibilities, an avid singer and artist.

Jeanette is the CEO of Go For Growth. She is a London and Kent based mediator, team and executive coach who is often called on to moderate on-line events, speak about negotiation and personal presence. Jeanette has many years of commercial experience, culminating in the role of Group HR Director for a FTSE 100 business. She is a pioneer of using art in business to unleash the creative mind, accelerate success and deepen self-awareness.

Jeanette’s current research into how senior executives sustain momentum, builds on work she carried out at Henley Business School, uses with clients at London Business School, as well as to support private clients across many sectors. Jeanette is the creator of Voicing Possibilities Art-based Coaching Cards. These cards are used by meditators, coaches and consultants around the world to help clients and individuals decide if, how and when to move forward. Contact: jcowley@goforgrowth.com